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"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say." Italo Calvino

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150 New Followers?! What the What?!

I think tumblr is cray-cray. I’ve just been informed that in a 24 hour time span I got 150 new followers…. Nothing of mine has gone viral in that time, and I haven’t said anything especially witty lately. Is this a glitch or was I featured in something?

— 1 year ago with 13 notes
  1. vundervamp answered: why wouldn’t people follow you? Your blog made my day!
  2. katieoftara answered: Book blogs! :3
  3. goldencages said: I think you deserved them no matter what actually happened :) but tumblr really has been crazy - I apparently unfollowed some blogsā€¦ :S
  4. arcadianmorning answered: thegirlandherbooks.tumb…
  5. felinewhisperer answered: i saw a link to your blog on a “Recommended Book Blogs” post :) That’s where all the followers likely came from!
  6. pwrpunch answered: I believe you were featured on a must follow list of other book blogs.
  7. sunsetwinds answered: While Tumblr was down yesterday I magically liked 4 pornographic pictures… while I couldn’t even access my account,
  8. thegirlandherbooks answered: I put you in my Must Follow list. :) I’m glad you got more followers!
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